Herbal Tea

Anise Tea

What is Anise Tea? Anise tea is a herbal tea prepared with the seeds of the anise plant, Anise has been cultivated and widely used in Middle East and the Mediterranean region for thousands of years, as a culinary ingredient and as an element in natural health practices.

Hibiscus Tea

What is Hibiscus Tea? Hibiscus tea is a popular caffeine free herbal tea made from the sepals of the hibiscus Roselle plant . Hibiscus tea history of consumption in a variety of countries and cultures . But especially in hot areas like Middle East and Central America . where the Roselle plant grows easily . The whole flowers tend to be the most expensive and slower to infuse. But they have some advantages and offers have superior flavor

Mint Tea

What is Mint Tea? Mint is a favorite for many tea drinkers. It is one of humanity is oldest and most loved herbs. Mint is origin is unknown. But the dried leaves have been found in the pyramids in Egypt. Dating from early 1000 BC. It didn’t become popular in Europe until about the eighteenth century. Mint is a hybrid of spearmint that was first cultivated near London 1750.

Cinnamon Tea

What is Cinnamon Tea? Cinnamon is considered to be one of the first spices in the ancient world Cinnamon was considered so valuable during this time it was equal in worth to gold and ivory. Today Cinnamon is grown in South America, the west India and other tropical climates and considered to be one of the healthiest hot drinks.

Ginger & Lemon Tea

What is Ginger & Lemon Tea? Ginger first appeared in the southern part of ancient China. From there, it spread to India, rest of the Asia and west Africa Europe saw ginger for the first time in the 1 St century when the ancient Romans traded with in India the Middle Ages, a price of half a kilogram of ginger was the same as of one Sheep.

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